Book Cover Reveal


Today, author Emily Macomber reveals the book cover for her debut Sci-Fi Fantasy (SFF) seriesThe Dream Dealer’s Daughter, that will be published on March 1, 2022 as an Audiothology with weekly free episodes on YouTube (similar to a podcast).

This cover reveal includes a preview of the Audiothology and information about the future e-book.

The Dream Dealer's Daughter, book cover image

Cover Art by Kateryna Yevtushenko. To see more work by this designer, check this link.

“Time can remember, which also means it can forget.”

What is an Audiothology? Emily Macomber is the author and host of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. She has been writing sci-fi and fantasy for over a decade and created the term Audiothology after struggling to figure out how to categorize The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. This sci-fi fantasy Audiothology has the background music and sound effects of an Audio Drama, the story/narration structure of a print book, but performed with a more natural narration style than currently found in Audiobooks. After realizing she needed a new term to describe this way of storytelling, Emily created Audiothology. To experience this sound immersive Audiothology yourself, check out the trailer below.


Each chapter from the soon-to-be-released e-book has its own episode that ranges in length from 15 to 25 minutes.


E-book Blurb:

In the world of the Minded, Time can remember, which also means it can forget. And if 17-year-old Nargus doesn’t get a physical body soon, she’ll drift: be forgotten by Time. Nargus’ adoptive father may be a Dream Dealer who re-sells recycled bodies to desperate Minds, but he doesn’t believe in family discounts. If Nargus wants a physical life, she’s going to have to kill to get it. That is until Deaula—the faceless presence that roams time—arrives and offers Nargus an opportunity she can’t resist. The job is simple: invade a thief’s mind and extract a set of toxic, yet valuable, memories. The payment—an ethically acquired body in any time of Nargus’ choice. But every possibility has its consequences. She just never expected the consequence of this possibility would be discovering the one thing she values more than a physical life—answers. Answers to questions like, who is she really, where does she come from, and how does she exist when technically, she was never born?


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