2022 Debut Science Fiction and Fantasy Audiothology


BOOK BLOG POST 2022 SFF AUDIOTHOLOGY PREMIERING MARCH 1ST, The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Book One of the Minded Collection.

Today, author Emily Macomber announces her debut Science Fiction and Fantasy (SFF) series, The Minded Collection, with Book One, The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, releasing on March 1st as an Audiothology.​

To celebrate the announcement of this debut SFF series, this post will explore the creation of the term Audiothology, the origin story of the series (The Minded Collection), and what to expect for release day on March 1st.

So…what is an Audiothology?

Well, in The Dream Dealer’s Daughter terms, it’s sort of like the podcast or audiobook edition of a print book.

Emily Macomber created the term Audiothology after struggling to figure out how to categorize the audio edition of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. Audio Dramas are typically full cast, in which each character is voiced by a different actor. There is little to no narration, so most of the story is delivered through dialogue (what one character says to another). The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is formatted like a regular book with narration and a serialized number of chapters, but most Audiobooks require the voice actor to perform a type of narration where they must develop unique accents and voices for a few or many characters. The Dream Dealer’s Daughter has the background music and sound effects of an Audio Drama, the story/narration structure of a print book, but is performed with a more natural narration. After realizing she needed a new term to describe this way of storytelling, Emily created the term Audiothology.

Audio (a recorded, transmitted, or reproduced form of sound) + Anthology (a published set of stories or other collections of writing) = Audiothology

Emily’s definition of Audiothology: It’s a book recorded and perceived audibly, narrated in a natural tone of voice, paced to the speed of the story, and immersive with embellished sound effects and background music that captures the emotional state of the main character or characters.

What inspired The Minded Collection and The Dream Dealer’s Daughter?

The initial idea for this SFF series started more than a decade ago, but Emily’s fascination with time, the mind, dreams, and the universe inspired the continuous creation of The Minded Collection.

This debut science fiction and fantasy series explores time-travel, the subconscious universe, body recycling, multi-dimensions and the intricacy of the physical senses.

Who will be intrigued by the concepts explored in Book One, The Dream Dealer’s Daughter?

Readers and listeners who are fascinated by biocentrism, modern physics, black holes, and quantum theory will enjoy the concepts explored in this Audiothology. Anyone who asks questions like: does every planet have a sun? Or why do we remember what we do? And why can two people remember the same moment differently? And what if someone’s past lies in the future? If the future, past, and present are happening at the same time, is our perception of linear time just an illusion?

These concepts are explored through the perception of 17-year-old Nargus who, while on a journey to obtain the life she’s always wanted, realizes her perception of the world has been fabricated. Nargus just wants to have the normal experiences of people her age, but Time has other plans.

The Dream Dealer’s Daughter features people called Minded, who can see beyond the present dimension and navigate the subconscious universe that encases the reality most humans experience. Emily Macomber explores Minded abilities through the genetic and mental evolution of humankind. The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is perfect for fans who appreciate the supernatural and paranormal loveliness featured in Stranger Things, Hanna, Black Mirror, Westworld, Super 8, The House of The Scorpion, Unwind, Inception, Jumper.

Release day on March 1st | What to expect?

Free Episodes: The first three episodes (each 20 minutes long) will be released on YouTube on March 1st. Following release day, there will be a weekly FREE EPISODE posted on YouTube every Tuesday.

Paid Episodes: For those who want to BINGE EPISODES, all of season 1 will be launched on the author’s Supercast landing page on March 1st.

If you have any questions for the author, you can visit her Ask Me Anything page (Supercast) or tag her on twitter @AuthorEMacomber

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