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SFF Book cover reveal The Dream Dealer's Daughter

Indie author of a Sci-Fi and Fantasy series sent official book cover reveals out this past week (February 1, 2022). She included the preview for her Audiothology and an e-book blurb. Emily Macomber’s book is called The Dream Dealer’s Daughter and the Audiothology is essentially the audiobook or podcast edition of the print book. The author included a link to the preview on her YouTube channel

The cover was designed by Kateryna Yevtushenko. To see more work by this designer, check out Kateryna’s portfolio here:


Cover Reveal + Preview for The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, a YA and above SFF Audiothology and E-book

The cover for The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is finally here! The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is premiering as an Audiothology and an e-book on March 1, 2022. The author, Emily Macomber, is super excited to share the Audiothology preview and e-book blurb.

The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is Book One in The Minded Collection. This YA SFF series features people called Minded, who can see beyond the present dimension and navigate the subconscious universe that encases the reality most humans experience. The Dream Dealer’s Daughter explores time travel, the subconscious universe, body recycling, and the intricacy of the physical senses. These concepts are explored through the perception of 17-year-old Nargus who, while on a journey to obtain the life she’s always wanted, realizes her perception of the world has been fabricated.

Tag Line: “Time can remember, which also means it can forget.”

“…I feel as though I have gained a new perspective on life that I did not have before. Through Nargus’ journey, I realized the importance of my physical existence, and I appreciate the endlessness and beauty of Time. This story made me think differently and that is the most powerful thing a story can do,” says YA Beta Reader, Ruth Torrence.

Quote from a YA Beta Reader

What is an Audiothology? 

In simplest terms, it’s a cross between an audio drama and an audiobook. Emily Macomber created the term Audiothology after struggling to figure out how to categorize the audio edition of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. This SFF Audiothology has the background music and sound effects of an audio drama, the story/narration structure of a print book but performed with a more neutral narration style than currently found in audiobooksTo experience this sound immersive Audiothology yourself, check out the preview below.

Link to Audiothology Preview:

Each chapter from the e-book has an Audiothology episode that ranges in length from 15 to 25 minutes. Book One is split into two Audiothology seasons, with the first three episodes premiering on March 1st on YouTube, followed by one new weekly episode posted every Tuesday. The e-book edition will also be released on March 1st on Kindle and contains all 40 chapters.

E-book blurb:

In the world of the Minded, Time can remember, which also means it can forget. And if 17-year-old Nargus doesn’t get a physical body soon, she’ll drift: be forgotten by Time. Nargus’ adoptive father may be a Dream Dealer who re-sells recycled bodies to desperate Minds, but he doesn’t believe in family discounts. If Nargus wants a physical life, she’s going to have to kill to get it. That is until Deaula—the faceless presence that roams time—arrives and offers Nargus an opportunity she can’t resist. The job is simple: invade a thief’s mind and extract a set of toxic, yet valuable, memories. The payment—an ethically acquired body in any time of Nargus’ choice. But every possibility has its consequences. She just never expected the consequence of this possibility would be discovering the one thing she values more than a physical life—answers. Answers to questions like, who is she really, where does she come from, and how does she exist when technically, she was never born?

About the author:

Emily Macomber has been writing sci-fi and fantasy for over a decade and aspires to break rules and blur genres. Ask her where she’s from, and you’ll get a convoluted answer as she tries to explain why she’s moved across the US eight times. When not writing, recording, or editing, she can be found introverting, baking bread, or perfecting her latte art.

Link to author website:

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