The Golden Variance | Chapter 6

In Chapter Six of The Dream Dealer's Daughter, Nargus travels through the Gold Door and faces betrayal.

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Hello! I haven’t been using this ‘blog’ page of my website properly. So today, I want to share a little story that goes with this week’s chapter: The Golden Variance.

The photo above of the tall Parisian door—I took on my second trip to Paris. This was waaayyy back in 2018 (at least, it feels far away now!).

To celebrate my birthday in the fall of 2018, I flew to Europe for two weeks. I spent the first few days in Paris and then went to Portugal. I traveled by myself and had so much fun.


Since I didn’t have a car in Portugal, I mainly stayed in Lisbon, and the older parts of the city inspired a few scenes that take place in the second half of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. Even though I loved Portugal and want to go back someday, there has always been something special about Paris. I mean, I know it’s loud and busy and sometimes smelly. There’s noise pollution, pickpocketing, and pigeons everywhere. But still, it’s magical, and one of the things I love about Paris is its doorways. I have SO many photos of narrow side streets with tiny doors and even more pictures of grand doorways leading to multi-story buildings. The photo I’ve used for Chapter Six of the podcast is just one example.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy the chapter!

Thanks for listening! 

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