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Emily Macomber is the author and host of THE DREAM DEALER’S DAUGHTER. She has been writing sci-fi and fantasy for over a decade and aspires to break rules and blur genres. Ask her where she’s from, and you’ll get a convoluted answer as she tries to explain why she’s moved across the US eight times. When not writing or recording, she can be found making maple lattes or watching The Good Place.

Book Blurb

The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is a YA cross-genre story exploring dimensional time travel, the subconscious universe, and body recycling.

The Dream Dealer’s Daughter (Part One of Book One) follows Nargus, a 17-year-old Mind who just wants to live like a normal teenager, but before she can live, she needs a body, and in the world of the Minded, bodies are scarce.

If there’s one thing Nargus knows with complete certainty, it’s that her future hinges on a body transplant. Without it, her mind will die. Sure, her adoptive father is a Dream Dealer (someone who sells stolen bodies for a living), but if Nargus wants a physical life, she must earn it like everyone else. She’s earned her body three times over, though, and still, her father won’t pay up.

Tired of being forced to survive when all she wants is the freedom to live, Nargus ventures into the All-Time, hoping to find answers; answers to questions like: who is she really, where does she come from, and why does her very survival threaten her father?

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