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Season 1 (Book One)

The Dream Dealer's Daughter Audiothology, Chapter 1 The Token

Chapter 1:
The Token

Release Date: 4/26/2022

Nargus travels to her latest client’s mind with the plan of erasing a memory only to discover this client wants something remembered, not forgotten.

Chapter 2:
The True Persona

RELEASE DATE: 5/3/2022

It’s the morning of Nargus’ Rest in 1967. She heads to her father’s main variance as scheduled, only when she arrives, she steps into an aer of death.

The Dream Dealer's Daughter Audiothology, Chapter 3, The Inquiry

Chapter 3:
The Inquiry

Release Date: 5/10/2022

A set of twins without faces called The Grimes, a body killed by blade, not dream, and a request Nargus can’t refuse if she wants her Embodiment to convene as scheduled. Things aren’t quite right in Red Door Variance.

Chapter 4:
The Reflection

RELEASE DATE: 5/17/2022

If there’s one place that can help translate the mystery surrounding the murder weapon, it’s Eldwayen’s Library. The library of dreams, memories, and thoughts located in New York City’s Majestic Theatre.

Chapter 5:
The Light Of The Past

Release Date: 5/24/2022

A train to Brooklyn leads Nargus to an unconventional proposal. A proposal contrived by Deaula—the faceless presence that roams Time.

Chapter 6:
The Golden Variance

RELEASE DATE: 5/31/2022

Desperate for answers, Nargus opens the door to The Golden Variance and faces a betrayal from someone she never expected.

Chapter 7:
The City of Minds

Release Date: 6/7/2022

Nargus is feeling the side effects of missing her Rest. Hoping for some advice and peace, she visits the Aris Clan and the one Mind she still trusts – Elder Aliso.

Chapter 8:
The Red Sky

RELEASE DATE: 6/14/2022

Nargus travels to the City of Minds to face her father but greets an ultimatum instead. Today, she must choose between her morals and survival.

Chapter 9:
The Scalped Mind

Release Date: 6/21/2022

Nargus revisits Elodie’s mind and is presented with two Scalpers, Last Asks, and a mysterious golden hand.

Chapter 10:
The Preservatory

RELEASE DATE: 6/28/2022

Nargus has mixed feelings about a decision she’s made, Largo is proud of her, and Clarke takes her to a morgue turned Preservatory.

Chapter 11:
The Red Envelope

Release Date: 7/5/2022

Nargus goes Embodiment shopping with Lynol and receives a red envelope with ominous contents.

Chapter 12:
The Embodiment

RELEASE DATE: 7/12/2022

Nargus breaks a personal promise. “Are you proud of me now, father?”

Chapter 13:
The First Breath

Release Date: 7/19/2022

Nargus returns to the Aris Clan and requests Elder Aliso’s assistance in taking back an important token.

Chapter 14:
The Ferris Wheel

RELEASE DATE: 7/26/2022

In order to avoid falling into old traps, Nargus must embrace her mental senses and ‘see’ another side to her current predicament.

Chapter 15:
The Caged Mind

Release Date: 8/2/2022

Nargus wants proof, but to get it, she’ll have to venture to a tattoo parlor that inks dreams into skin.

Chapter 16:
The Lighthouse Beach

RELEASE DATE: 8/9/2022

Season One Finale!!! Nargus searches for answers in her memories and lets her choice be known.