The NMID Giveaway – NARGUSsMidway

Originally, we were going to give away a majority of the common “The Minded” NFTs. In exchange for a free NFT, we asked people to subscribe to the Audiothology on YouTube. We have since changed direction, after being informed that asking people to subscribe in a centralized space wasn’t the best exchange for a free NFT. Thank you to those who informed us and to those who did participate!

The NMID Giveaway Is Now LIVE!

How To Enter:

  1. SUBSCRIBE to author Emily Macomber’s YouTube channel. LINK HERE!
  2. Listen to and like “S1 Ch. 1 THE TOKEN” on YouTube
  3. Visit the official Reddit post HERE!
    Comment your receive address on Reddit
    Example comment: Subscribed and liked! 0x00000000000

What you get from the giveaway: An official “THE MINDED” NMID NFT from author Emily Macomber.

NARGUSsMidway (NMID) is the very first NFT collection supporting an independent author with the goal of promoting her debut sci-fi and fantasy series, THE DREAM DEALER’S DAUGHTER.

Giveaway STARTS 03/26/22 at 5 am CST

Transfers BEGIN when the NARGUSsMidway auction ends

  • common “THE MINDED” NMIDs will be given away only while supplies last and at the NMID Team’s discretion. Please ensure that you view the licensing details on this post! 
  • To participate you must have a Crypto or NFT wallet receive address tied to your OpenSea account. “THE MINDED” NMIDs have been minted on Polygon and by using OpenSea, we can transfer these giveaways without additional gas fees
  • Please make sure you’ve entered your receive address correctly, once we’ve transferred, we can’t undo the transaction and we cannot offer a replacement

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