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NARGUSsMidway (NMID) – The official NFT collection for Season One of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Book One in the sci-fi and fantasy Audiothology series, The Minded Collection.

NARGUSsMidway (NMID) is a collection of 3,600 generative “MIDWAYS” from the world of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter by author Emily Macomber. Each “MIDWAY NMID” features world-building concepts, character names, and settings drawn from the Audiothology book series. NARGUSsMidway lives on the Polygon blockchain and has 3 weighted categories: common, rare, and super rare, with an additional legendary trait.

Public Sale BEGINS: 04/05/22 at 5 am CST on OpenSea (

The Collection Breakdown:

  • 3600 responsibly minted NFTs
  • Polygon Blockchain: 0xAd4AC924FA4238BDB40f6c5E9aB6E93CBaA71BE0
  • AI-generated collection with the following trait categories: common “THE MINDED”, rare “OBRIEN”, super rare “TEMPURUS”, and legendary “TOKEN COAT”

Emily Macomber has been writing sci-fi and fantasy for over a decade.

What do NFTs and the series have in common? They both represent a new medium of art, technology, and storytelling; they embrace the rare and the unknown.

Emily Macomber believes a handful of companies and algorithms shouldn’t determine what books are available to readers. She continues to break rules and blur genres when it comes to her writing, and holders of a NARGUSsMidway NFT will create the Minded community. A group of people who believe the weird and the new should have a home too.

Who is NARGUS and what is a MIDWAY?

NARGUS is the main character. In Nargus’ world, Time isn’t permanent. In her world, those who have bodies live. And those who don’t, Drift.

In this sci-fi and fantasy world, the mind is explorable, and a MIDWAY is the portion of a person’s mind that contains memories and past lives.

RARITY Breakdown:

Total common THE MINDED – 3314

  • Total rare OBRIEN – 146
  • Total super rare TEMPURUS – 106
  • Total legendary THE MINDED – 31
  • Total legendary OBRIEN – 1
  • Total legendary TEMPURUS – 2

Each NMID features an assortment of at least 4 layers, including a background tied to the Audiothology book cover, a mathematical art layer representing the key concept known as “Aer”, a computer-generated “Midway” layer comprised of words and concepts drawn from the pages of the series, and a final “Token Coat” layer.

NARGUSsMidway (NMID) is the first NFT collection minted to promote and support an independent author! NMID is the official collection for Season One of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, a sci-fi and fantasy Audiothology book series by author Emily Macomber.


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