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In Chapter 11 of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Nargus goes Embodiment shopping with Lynol and receives a red envelope with ominous contents. Hello! Chapter 11 of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter podcast is now available. I hope you enjoy this chapter! Thanks for listening! 
In Chapter Six of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Nargus travels through the Gold Door and faces betrayal. The Dream Dealer’s Daughter Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, and more! One new chapter/episode is published every Tuesday! Hello! I haven’t been using this ‘blog’ page of my website properly. So today, I […]
The Dream Dealer’s Daughter audiobook is now available! Part One consists of 16 chapters. Click the button below to find a retailer or library system where you can grab a copy of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter! For More Information Click HERE Audiobook Summary The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is a YA cross-genre story exploring dimensional time […]