Yes, TDDD is Book One in The Minded Collection. Emily knows there will be at least three books, but there may be more. Book One, The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, has two Audiothology Seasons. Season 1 premiers on March 8th and Season 2 is currently being recorded.

Book one is split into two seasons because of the time it takes to record & edit episodes. Season One is available as of March 8th and consists of 16 chapters. Season Two has 24 chapters and is currently in production. Most audiobooks, audio dramas, and fiction podcasts have a team of people working behind the scenes. Emily is responsible for writing, recording, narrating, editing, and scoring the podcast. Each episode takes about 4 days to record and edit. And as hard as she tries not to be, she is a perfectionist.

As a free version of the Audiothology is available on YouTube, Emily hopes those who buy the early access version know what they are getting into before purchasing, but she understands that things happen, and if you would like a refund, contact her at https://dreamdealersdaughter.supercast.com/

Audiothology is a combination of two words. Audio (a recorded, transmitted, or reproduced form of sound) + Anthology (a published set of stories or other collections of writing) = Audiothology

You can think of an Audiothology as the audiobook or audio drama edition of the print book. 

Emily Macomber came up with the word after struggling to categorize the audio edition of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. It isn’t exactly an audiobook, audio drama, or podcast. Today’s fiction Audiobooks typically feature a style of narration that requires the voice actor to create unique tones of voice for a few or many characters. The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is told with a more neutral narration style but also includes the sound effects and music embellishments commonly heard in Audio Dramas and Fiction Podcasts. As Audio Dramas and Fiction Podcasts are typically scripted, with little to NO narration (written more like movie scripts rather than books), she knew she needed a new term to describe her way of storytelling. With the help of friends and strangers, she came up with Audiothology.

One new chapter is uploaded for free every Tuesday on YouTube.

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