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NARGUSsMidway (NMID) is a collection of 3,600 generative “MIDWAYS” from the world of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter by author Emily Macomber. Each “MIDWAY NMID” features world-building concepts, character names, and settings drawn from the Audiothology book series. NARGUSsMidway lives on the Polygon blockchain and has 3 weighted categories: common, rare, and super rare, with an additional legendary trait.

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  • NARGUS is the main character. In Nargus’ world, Time isn’t permanent. In her world, those who have bodies live. And those who don’t, Drift.
  • In this sci-fi and fantasy world, the mind is explorable, and a MIDWAY is the portion of a person’s mind that contains memories and past lives.

What do NFTs and the series have in common?

They both represent a new medium of art, technology, and storytelling; they embrace the rare and the unknown.

Emily Macomber has been writing sci-fi and fantasy for over a decade. She believes a handful of companies and algorithms shouldn’t determine what books are available to readers. She continues to break rules and blur genres when it comes to her writing, and holders of a NARGUSsMidway NFT will create the Minded community. A group of people who believe the weird and the new should have a home too.


The Collection Breakdown:

  • 3600 responsibly minted NFTs 
  • Polygon Blockchain: 0xAd4AC924FA4238BDB40f6c5E9aB6E93CBaA71BE0
  • AI-generated collection with the following trait categories: common “THE MINDED”, rare “OBRIEN”, super rare “TEMPURUS”, and legendary “TOKEN COAT


Total NFTS – 3600
Total common THE MINDED – 3314
Total rare OBRIEN – 146
Total super rare TEMPURUS – 106

Total legendary THE MINDED – 31
Total legendary OBRIEN – 1
Total legendary TEMPURUS – 2


Each NMID in this fully minted collection features an assortment of at least four layers, including a background tied to the Audiothology book cover, a mathematical art layer representing the key concept known as “Aer”, a computer-generated “Midway” layer comprised of words and concepts drawn from the pages of the series, and a final “Token Coat” layer.

Possible BACKGROUNDS – 19

Total AER Layers *Not Weighted* – 100

18 Blue AER
59 Yellow AER
23 Red AER

WEIGHTED Layer Breakdown


Total MIDWAY Layers – 235

  • Blue MIDWAY Layers – 87
    18 OBRIENS
  • Red MIDWAY Layers – 75
  • Yellow MIDWAY Layers – 73

160 common “THE MINDED” layer options with an output of 3,349 out of 3,600 and a rarity of 93.03%

34 rare “OBRIEN” Midway layer options with an output of 147 out of 3,600 and a rarity of 4.08%

41 super rare “TEMPURUS” Midway layer options with an output of 104 out of 3,600 and a rarity of 2.89%



Legendary TOKEN COAT Breakdown


The final layer called “TOKEN COAT” has two trait options (a NOT Legendary trait and a Legendary trait). 3,566 NMIDS have the NOT Legendary “TOKEN COAT” trait. Only 34 out of 3,600 have the Legendary “TOKEN COAT” trait with a rarity of 0.94%.

  • 2 “TEMPURUS” have the Legendary TOKEN COAT layer with a rarity of 0.056%
  • 1 “OBRIEN” has the Legendary TOKEN COAT layer with a rarity of 0.028%
  • 31 “THE MINDED” have the Legendary TOKEN COAT layer with a rarity 0.86%

Since the layers were chosen by AI, 31 of the Legendary TOKEN COAT layers ended up in the “THE MINDED” category.

If you have a “THE MINDED” NARGUSs Midway that has a Legendary TOKEN COAT trait, it is more rare than a super rare “TEMPURUS”, unless a “TEMPURUS” also has a Legendary TOKEN COAT layer.



  • Mint all 3600 NMID on Polygon – Completed
  • Reveal on OpenSea – Completed
  • Notify NFT calendars of Public Sale – Completed
  • Launch Public Sale on OpenSea – Completed
  • Sell Out! See all TEMPURUS, OBRIEN, and LEGENDARY categories and traits sold!
  • Celebrate and airdrop special utility surprise to all TEMPURUS, OBRIEN, and LEGENDARY holders
  • Start on the official NFT project for Season 2 of the Audiothology “Deck of Times” 
  • Launch WHITELIST for Season 2’s NFT collection. *Everyone who has a “TEMPURUS” or “OBRIEN” or Legendary “THE MINDED” NMID can partake in the Whitelist for the next NFT collection
  • Create NFT projects tied to the book series that are meta-verse game enabled. We are excited to create gaming NFTs based on key world-building concepts from The Dream Dealer’s Daughter and The Minded Collection – (a long-term goal)
  • Publish the print edition of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. *While Book One’s Audiothology is split into two seasons, the print edition will contain both parts.
  • Use NARGUSs Midway (NMID) proceeds to prepare Book One, The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, for print. This means:
    1. Hiring a line editor and proofreader
    2. Getting the print edition properly formatted
    3. Covering the cost of ISBNs and paying for a service that monitors piracy (scans the web for copyright infringement). The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is registered with the US copyright office.
    4. Use NMID proceeds to fund a social media marketing plan that gets the book into the hands of readers
  • Send ARCs (Advanced Reader Copies) to reviewers and influencers
  • Walk into a bookstore and see The Dream Dealer’s Daughter on the shelf (get the print edition into bookstores)
  • Get print edition registered with the Library of Congress which will get The Dream Dealer’s Daughter into libraries across the US
  • Promote Season 2 of the Audiothology by releasing S2’s NFT collection “Deck of Times”
  • Release Season 2 of the Audiothology – S2 is currently in production
  • Develop and release further NFT collections with the eventual goal of having them be used in games
  • Write, edit, and publish Book Two in print and Audiothology
  • Continue to grow NMID community and Audiothology audience
  • See other authors make their own Audiothologies and book-related NFT collections

The NMID Giveaway

Originally we were going to give away a majority of the common “The Minded” NFTs. In exchange for a free NFT, we asked people to subscribe to the Audiothology on YouTube. We have since changed direction, after being informed that asking people to subscribe in a centralized space wasn’t the best exchange for a free NFT. Thank you to those who informed us and to those who did participate!

The NMID Team


Emily is the author and host of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Book One in the sci-fi and fantasy series The Minded Collection. For more information, visit the Press Kit page or About Author page.

The ARTIST & NMID Director

Heidi is the artist behind the NMID collection and the project director. For more information about Heidi, visit her twitter or linked-in profile.

The Dream Dealer's Daughter: when and where is it available?

The Dream Dealer’s Daughter premiered April 26th as a podcast. It is available as cinematic fiction podcast and will soon be a print book.

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