Originally, we were going to give away a majority of the common “The Minded” NFTs. In exchange for a free NFT, we asked people to subscribe to the Audiothology on YouTube. We have since changed direction, after being informed that asking people to subscribe in a centralized space wasn’t the best exchange for a free […]
Chapter 17: The Ivy Trust The Dream Dealer’s Daughter Season 2 Premiere!!!! Season 2 of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is here!!! In Chapter 17, Nargus ventures to a dream shop where she finds three things: a new persona, a delicate bracelet made of thought, and a word of advice, “Don’t underestimate Deaula or Letti.” Normally, […]
Chapter 16 | The Lighthouse Beach The Dream Dealer’s Daughter The Season One Finale!!! In chapter 16 of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter podcast, Nargus searches for answers in her memories and lets her choice be known. Hey! I shared in a bonus episode this week that I’ll be approaching season 2 of The Dream Dealer’s […]
Season 2 Premieres August 16th, 2022 The Dream Dealer’s Daughter podcast A bonus episode Hi, I’m Emily Macomber, the author and host of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter. About a week ago, The Dream Dealer’s Daughter was featured by Pocket Casts under their curated list “Fresh Fiction”. And thanks to this feature, I’ve had a HUGE […]
In Chapter 11 of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Nargus goes Embodiment shopping with Lynol and receives a red envelope with ominous contents. Hello! Chapter 11 of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter podcast is now available. I hope you enjoy this chapter! Thanks for listening! 
In Chapter Six of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Nargus travels through the Gold Door and faces betrayal. The Dream Dealer’s Daughter Podcast is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, Amazon Music, and more! One new chapter/episode is published every Tuesday! Hello! I haven’t been using this ‘blog’ page of my website properly. So today, I […]
The Dream Dealer’s Daughter audiobook is now available! Part One consists of 16 chapters. Click the button below to find a retailer or library system where you can grab a copy of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter! For More Information Click HERE Audiobook Summary The Dream Dealer’s Daughter is a YA cross-genre story exploring dimensional time […]
Great news today! NARGUSsMidway NMID #NFT collection is now listed on the site. Check it out here… Author Emily Macomber – NFT Calendar
NARGUSsMidway (NMID) – The official NFT collection for Season One of The Dream Dealer’s Daughter, Book One in the sci-fi and fantasy Audiothology series, The Minded Collection - Public Sale 4/5/22 Announcement
Book One, Chapter 2 Quote: The Dream Dealer’s Daughter “Here Nargus has skin, of course, or her persona does, and when it’s touched by something, the grass or the wind, she reacts. The physical senses are often still confusing and inconsistent, but at least here, they’re hers. The distant sound of waves doesn’t come from […]